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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Church Telemarketers..........

Today I had a telemarketer from you know where call and harass me. I don't know what is worse than unscrupulous so called "Christian" telemarketers weaseling their way through our secretaries by lying. Joe G. from an un-named pictorial directory company lied his way through my secretary today and wasted my time for something I don't need. Then he harassed me for several minutes trying to make me feel guilty for not using his services. Give me a break! If we need a directory, we will call you. Mr. Joe got my blood going by lying and using very un-Christian practices to waste my study time. I am writing this as therapy. Thanks for indulging me. :)

posted by Kevin Bussey at 5/31/2006 03:32:00 PM

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Truth is stranger than Fiction...

You have to be kidding! Check out JESUS PAN. Holy images have been popping up all over. A grilled cheese sandwich with the image of the Virgin Mary sold for over 17-hundred dollars on Ebay.- JesusPan is made from durable steel and topped with a non-stick coating. - JesusPan is perfect for holiday meals - Jesus Pan has been featured on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno! This is no joke, check out the story here. Unbelievable! Imagine the witnessing opportunities as you grill a Jesus burger! How about a Jesus Loaf! Maybe even a Jesus Pancake! Cooks at a restaurant in Jacksonville, Fla., claim they discovered the image of Jesus in a pan used to heat water just days before Christmas, according to a Local 6 News report. Check out the story here.

posted by Kevin Bussey at 5/31/2006 12:21:00 PM

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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

New Evangelist!

Tonight while I was out taking my son to football practice and going to a funeral visitation a new evangelist was born in our family. Cassandra called to tell me that my soon to be 8 year old daughter Hope had just led a girl a few doors down from us to Christ. Hope pulled out her Bible and shared with this little girl about Jesus. Then she told Cassandra what she was doing. She asked Cass if she could pray with the little girl to ask Jesus in her heart. Cass said yes and had Hope tell her what she was going to say. Cass was going to go with Hope but when she came out of the room Hope had her head bowed with the little girl and was praying the sinners prayer with her. Cass said Hope told the little girl that Heaven would have pearly gates, golden streets, and that there would be no more pain in heaven. Cool!

posted by Kevin Bussey at 5/30/2006 09:51:00 PM

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New Orleans Trip Pictures

posted by Kevin Bussey at 5/30/2006 02:56:00 PM

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Starbuckization of society?

Starbucks is changing what we eat and drink. It's altering where and when we work and play. It's shaping how we spend time and money. That's just for appetizers. Starbucks has an even glitzier goal: to help rewrite society's pop culture menu. The company that sells 4 million coffee drinks daily in the USA is hot to extend its brand beyond the espresso machine to influence the films we see, CDs we hear and books we read. In the process, it aims to grow into a global empire rivaling McDonald's. Read about it here. Now, I admit, I love Starbucks. I go to meet people and start conversations that often lead me to sharing my faith with others. While Starbucks is just getting into the pop culture business, it has already touched us all by:
  • Changing what we'll pay for coffee.
  • Changing coffee tastes.
  • Changing what we eat.
  • Changing how we order.
  • Changing how people meet.
  • Changing cities.
  • Changing social consciousness.

When I read this list I thought--Why is the church not doing this? Why aren't we changing the way people are using their money? Why aren't we changing their tastes? Why aren't we changing the way people meet? Why aren't we changing cities? Why aren't we changing social conciousness? That is my prayer for my church! I pray we can change our community for Jesus. What do you think?

posted by Kevin Bussey at 5/30/2006 09:33:00 AM

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How will we ever make a difference?

The wacko's from Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka, KS were at it again yesterday. On a day when most of the nation was remembering our heros for their sacrifice in protecting our country, the people of Westboro were protesting at Arlington Cemetary. Read about it here and here. I don't know what Bible they are reading from but I can't see Jesus protesting a funeral. I don't see Jesus condemning people during their grieving. Jesus reached out to sinners like me. He told the woman caught in adultery to go and "sin no more." He wept at the tomb of Lazarus. How will those who have no relationship with Christ take us serious when we have hate-filled people likt this. God help us all!

posted by Kevin Bussey at 5/30/2006 09:07:00 AM

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Monday, May 29, 2006

Church Discipline?

Does a church have the right to publicly reveal a person's private sins? A Dallas court is being asked to decide whether Watermark Community Church can do exactly that to a man and a woman identified in court records as "John Doe" and "Jane Roe." Church officials say they are only following a process of church discipline outlined in the Gospel of Matthew and written into the church's bylaws. "Basically, we're being sued because we're seeking to love John Doe in accordance with the principles outlined by God's word," said the pastor, the Rev. Todd Wagner. Read the story here. I believe in church discipline. I believe the church went through the appropriate means according to scripture up until the man wanted to leave the church. But Watermark's bylaws say a member
"may not resign from membership in an attempt to avoid such care and correction."
How can a person not resign? Somehow this sounds almost cult-like. You can't force someone to change can you? What do you think? [Update] As usual, the media got a lot of this story wrong. Read this and this.

posted by Kevin Bussey at 5/29/2006 11:40:00 AM

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Sunday, May 28, 2006

From Samaria back to Jerusalem

Well we are back in Charlotte. Our trip to New Orleans was emotional to say the least. We were all changed by the destruction of homes, lives and families. I don't think we will ever be the same. New Orleans was our Samaria. It is a long way from home. The people at Edgewater are truly ministering to the Gentilly community. I am so proud of them. Jason Sampler said something to us Friday night that was very profound. He challenged us to remember that the needs in New Orleans are very visible. We saw houses, cars, churches and lives in shambles. However, he said in Charlotte their are hurting people too. They drive their cars into nicely painted garages. They have good jobs and all appears wonderful on the outside. But there are hurting people everywhere. I spoke from Acts 1:1-11 today. (I have one more service to speak). I challenged our church to be on mission in our Jerusalem. I again beg people to go to New Orleans and help Edgewater. They still have over 120 homes on their list to gut and they will never finish at the pace they are on. Alan Cross also mentioned the Mississippi Coast is a mess. We drove through Gulfport yesterday and it is amazing how bad it is there too. Our group wants to go back in the Fall. I challenge you to go too!

posted by Kevin Bussey at 5/28/2006 10:13:00 AM

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Saturday, May 27, 2006

Arrived home safely

We got home about 2 hours ago. I am bushed. I've got to preach tomorrow on Acts 1:1-11. Too tired to say anything meaningful tonight. I hope to have something tomorrow! Have a great day in the Lord.

posted by Kevin Bussey at 5/27/2006 11:06:00 PM

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Friday, May 26, 2006

New Orleans Mission Trip- Final Day

Wow! This week has flown by. We are all tired physically and emotionally drained. Our men have worked hard to help Edgewater get back on their feet. We have mixed feelings about leaving. We see so many needs in the community and at Edgewater. We are ready to get back to our families but see our mission as just a drop in the bucket. I don't know how else to say this but please consider bringing your church groups down here to help out. My family watches Extreme Makeover Home Edition every week and we are always moved. What if the SBC through NAMB or whoever decided to come down in mass for one week and fix churches like Edgewater and others. Imagine thousands of SBC'ers storming the city to make a difference for one week. These people are being the hands of feet of Jesus to this community. We will spend millions of dollars in Greensboro for our SBC convention. What will be done for God's Kingdom? I think we have our priorities out of whack. There was a group from FBC Thomasville, GA working with us today. I met several SBC'ers from Oklahoma yesterday working down here. Seeing churches band together to help one another gives me hope for the SBC. Please pray that God will send more to make a diffference here in New Orleans. In other news Jason Sampler's FEMA trailer was condemned by Mayor Ray Nagin while he was away. I don't know who would have done such a thing. :) I will have pictures of it next week! Jason and Kevin are taking us to eat so I've got to go.

posted by Kevin Bussey at 5/26/2006 04:57:00 PM

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Thursday, May 25, 2006

New Orleans Mission Trip- Day 3

Last night our group went to worship with the folks from Edgewater. They are truly ministering to their community. They cook out hamburgers and hotdogs for anyone who comes. There were a lot of New Orleans Seminary students, faculty and some locals. Kevin Lee had a great message. We enjoyed getting to see them in action. Following the service we drove over to the 9th Ward. As we drove over the bridge the devestation was unimaginable. We are here almost 9 months later and it still looks horrible. We saw numbers on the homes that indicated deaths. I went to the Ukraine 6 years ago and I felt like I was in a place even worse. Today we began taping and mudding the drywall. I have actually gotten pretty good. Donnie Rae Kendrick our chairman of Deacons taught me well. Edgewater is trying to get part of their facility done so they can make it a community center. Tomorrow is our last day and as much as I look forward to getting home to my wife, kids and church, I feel like part of my heart is here. Jason, Kevin and Dr. Ray have been great to us. I admire what they are doing. They are being the hands of feet of Jesus in their part of New Orleans. We had fun when we left Edgewater by rolling Jason Sampler's FEMA trailer! (that's TP for you northerners) We went to the Riverwalk tonight and I'm glad to see their is a family area in downtown NO. We had an intersting experience on Bourbon Street the other night and we left immediately. Riverwalk is much nicer. We saw an SBC group from Oklahoma at the Cafe Massaro. I also saw a former church member from Peachtree Corners who is finishing his degree @ NOBTS. What a small world. I am sorry for what happened to Wade Burleson this week. I'm concerned about the SBC Convention in Greensboro next month. But all of this seems sort of meaningless when you see people who have nothing. We have met so many people who literally lost everything they had. If you have any influence over your church missions--I urge you to send them to the Gulf Coast. I have a friend on staff @ 1st Gulfport and I know the need is great in Mississippi. I was living in Mobile when Katrina hit last fall. But I can't imagine anything worse than what I have seen in New Orleans.

posted by Kevin Bussey at 5/25/2006 10:01:00 PM

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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

New Orleans Mission Trip- Day 2

I'm tired physically but emotionally drained. We worked again at Edgewater Baptist putting up sheet rock and other stuff. I got sent to Lowes near the church and it was packed. I can't believe I am in the USA. This place looks like nowhere I have ever lived. It reminds me of a third world country. We drove by several of the areas where the levies broke and it was depressing. Several of the homes had up to 7 feet of dirt and sand. An 80 year old lady came by Edgewater to have her house worked on. She cried in front of all of us telling us she lost everything she has. Jason Sampler has over 120 home on a list to help. I don't envy Jason's job. I am putting out a plea to churches to come down and help. Edgewater is really doing ministry. Talking about the SBC convention and IMB trustees and other stuff doesn't mean squat!!!!! These people are hurting and they need our help. Let's stop getting $350.00 a night rooms in Greensboro for some meaningless convention and get off our tails and help people. I'll be honest if I could I would divert all our CP $ to help Edgewater and these children of God that have been forgotten. I urge every church in America to do something.

posted by Kevin Bussey at 5/24/2006 04:41:00 PM

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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

New Orleans Mission Trip- Day 1

Our group began our work here in the Big Easy. It was great to meet Jason Sampler in person. He is a great guy and I admire the ministry he has at Edgewater. Their pastor Kevin Lee is a great guy who was very gracious to us. We began by removing all of the belongings of an 85 year old woman named Alma. It was depressing to see how all of her memories were literally washed away. The streets were eerily quiet. Alma's next door neighbor is a guy named Mike. He was very appreciative of what we were doing for his neighbor. He is Catholic and said the only church doing anything in the area is Edgewater. They are really meeting the needs of their community and it was our honor to help. Mike is not attending church but is considering attending Edgewater on a Wednesday night because they have a cook-out every week. I did not go into full blown witness mode because I realize that Jason and Edgewater are doing it everyday. I did pray with Mike and he took our picture with his own camera when we left. The rest of the day we helped Edgewater put up drywall in the building. Kevin and Jason were almost embarrassed to ask but we are here to serve them. I put up my first drywall today! Cool! We will be back at Edgewater tomorrow. Our guys have been great. It has been very emotional to see the lives that have been shattered because of Katrina. I want to challenge other churches to connect with Edgewater and come down to New Orleans. The need is great. I will share more tomorrow.

posted by Kevin Bussey at 5/23/2006 05:56:00 PM

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Monday, May 22, 2006


We made the 12 hour trip from from Charlotte to New Orleans. We stopped in Mobile to show our guys the attik. We hope build something like that in that in Charlotte. I said hello to the secretaries. It was great to see my former assistant Soupie and my intern Neil. Greg and Mike were cranking up the band and Joe Kennedy dropped by too--I was excited to see all of them. As we entered New Orleans my heart sank. I felt like I was in a third world country. We drove along I-10 and tears filled my eyes. Our van was silent as we drove thru the city. I still can't put into words how terrible it is here and it is 8 months after Katrina. Our family had a lot of damage in Mobile, but nothing compared to this!!!! I felt like I do when I watch Extreme Makeover Home Edition except it isn't one house it is an entire city! Linda the NAMB missionary who runs the Rachel Sims Baptist Mission that is housing told us so many stories about the hurting people in the city. Edgewater is ministering to this city along with other faith based ministries. I'm looking forward to meeting Jason Sampler tomorrow. I would encourage anyone that can to hook up with Jason and Edgewater and come down and help these people. The need is great but our God is greater. I hope to give a report of Day 1 tomorrow. Pray for us!

posted by Kevin Bussey at 5/22/2006 10:39:00 PM

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Sunday, May 21, 2006

Headed to the Big Easy.........

I am taking 9 men to New Orleans tomorrow to help Edgewater Baptist Church clean up some of the homes affected from Katrina last fall. We are all excited about ministering down there. I will try to check in but I'm not sure what kind of internet access I will have this week. Pray for our safety, our families while we are away and for God to give us opportunities to share His love.

posted by Kevin Bussey at 5/21/2006 11:37:00 PM

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I don't get it...

Is this going to bring people to church?

posted by Kevin Bussey at 5/21/2006 10:44:00 AM

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Saturday, May 20, 2006

There are actually people who don't like Starbucks. How misguided! The mission of Delocator.net is to assist the public in finding and supporting independently owned cafés. On the results page for each search, listings of both independently owned cafés and Starbucks retail stores are presented. By comparison of quantity and user-created information, Delocator.net users will be able to make an informed decision about spending a buck (or three) on a cup of joe. This conspiracy is egregious! The horror of sending someone to another place than Starbucks. I'm sure Adam Feldman is behind this. We thought the Da Vinci code was bad--this is worse!

posted by Kevin Bussey at 5/20/2006 05:19:00 PM

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The Gospel according to Oprah?

Forbes magazine called her the most powerful celebrity in the world last year. She's also known as a perennially popular talk show host, an Academy award-nominated actress and the first black woman billionaire. Her influence is global. "The core messages of her gospel are clear and constant," Marcia Z Nelson writes. "Be thankful. Give and you shall receive. Think about things a little differently. Listen to your inner voice. Know yourself. You can change." Though Oprah is rarely explicitly religious on her television show or magazine, Nelson points out that there are several major Christian themes that weave through these aspects of her life and work: confession, redemption, healing, mission, forgiveness, and salvation. Nelson concludes that Oprah is a "compelling spiritual teacher in a spiritually eclectic and ever-practical America." Read about it here and here. I don't deny that Oprah is a good person. But she is a new ager. She lives with a man that is not her husband. I'm amazed at how many Christians watch her and thing she is "Mother Teresa." Does she point people to Christ? I don't think so. She is a wonderful person but there will be a lot of wonderful people who will miss out on heaven because they don't have a relationship with Jesus. She is good, but how good is good enough? Andy Stanley talks about that here. I'm impressed by what Oprah does for others. But if we don't accept Jesus we will never be good enough.

posted by Kevin Bussey at 5/20/2006 11:18:00 AM

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Friday, May 19, 2006

Separated @ Birth?

posted by Kevin Bussey at 5/19/2006 04:48:00 PM

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Minister's microphone causes a wee splash at church

Hasn't this been a fear of all ministers? A MINISTER had his congregation squirming with embarrassment when he used the toilet during a service and forgot to switch off his clip-on radio microphone. Nature called during a break in proceedings and the Rev John Hawdon forgot to switch off his microphone, which broadcast his every splash and sigh to the congregation. Read the story here. I remember seeing Leslie Nielsen having the same thing happen to him in Naked Gun 2 1/2. An elderly lady who attended the service said:
"Maybe we are getting too clever with things like radio microphones. Mr Hawdon certainly made a splash."
Has this ever happened to you?

posted by Kevin Bussey at 5/19/2006 09:33:00 AM

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Thursday, May 18, 2006

God told me to tell Pat to Retire..... :)

In another in a series of notable pronouncements, religious broadcaster Pat Robertson says God told him storms and possibly a tsunami will hit America's coastline this year. Read the story here. Why does he do this? He needs to retire. Robertson has come under intense criticism in recent months for suggesting that American agents should assassinate Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez and that Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's stroke was divine retribution for Israel's pullout from the Gaza Strip. God is telling me to tell Pat to keep quiet. Pat, you are doing nothing but making all Christians to appear to be a bunch of wacko's. [Update] you can listen to Pat's communication here and read the transcript here.

posted by Kevin Bussey at 5/18/2006 01:58:00 PM

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Church finds novel ways of attracting flock

The Church of England is seeking new ways to shore up its dwindling flock - by offering divine assistance to those seeking peace and happiness in a new home. Read about it here and here. When I first saw the headline I thought this could be funny. But actually I think this is a great idea. I believe that evil can be in certain homes based on what the inhabbitants were involved in. When I was in college my roomate Rob, who is a pastor in Decatur, AL and I both had the same experience of a dream that we were in bondage-on the same night in different rooms. We believe that God was working on both us because we both knew we were to be pastors but he was pursuing Pharmacy and I was going to be a football coach. It was creepy. Then, when Cassandra and I moved to Atlanta, our real estate agent (who reads this blog and will vouch for this- Hey Claudia!) took us to a house that she warned was a house of two men who had alternative lifestyles. As we were looking around at the house, I started sweating and feeling oppressed. I couldn't breath and started having visions of evil going on in that house. Claudia and Cassandra looked at me and asked what was wrong and I said we had to get out. This has nothing to do with me being homophobic. I don't know what evil there was-but something evil was occuring in that house. So, I believe what the Church of England is doing is good. I would be willing to bless anyone's house that asks because I believe prayer works. Way to go Church of England!

posted by Kevin Bussey at 5/18/2006 12:19:00 PM

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All in the family....

Shirley Phelps-Roper is a name that has been growing in infamy over the last few weeks. She is a daughter of Pastor Fred Phelps of the Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka, KS whose website can be found at GodHatesFags.com. The whole Phelps clan is an embarrassment to followers of Christ. They protest the funerals of military, homosexuals and politicians. I can't imagine Jesus doing anything like that. Look at this clip of her arrogance, hate and twisting of scripture. What really bugs me is people like the Phelps ruin the witness of those of us who try to reach out to "seekers" unbelievers and atheists. Check out this article in the Fullerton College Hornet, a college paper in California. What disturbs me is this young man is an atheist and the Phelps family makes him want to stay away from all believers. Read what he said:
I have to say, despite my atheism and indifference toward Christianity as a whole, that Phelps-Roper and people like her are horrid, disgusting examples of human beings. In fact, if I were to die, only to find out there is a Heaven and a hell, then by their standard and judgment, I would much rather spend my eternity in hell, with my friends and idols than risk even a shred of a chance of rooming with her or one of her fanatical brethren in heaven.
That just breaks my heart. My prayer is that I would never cause another to stumble and chose Hell over Heaven because of my arrogance, pride and hypocrisy. God help us!

posted by Kevin Bussey at 5/18/2006 12:52:00 AM

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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Church organist in Oregon linked to fraud

A 66-year-old church organist has been charged with defrauding Washington state by collecting about $400,000 in workers' compensation checks that were intended for her mother, who died 18 years ago. Read the story here. We all sin and have sinned, right? But at least own up to your sins. Lois Bachhuber of Portland, who had power of attorney for her mother, allegedly signed certification forms saying that her mother was still alive and entitled to benefits from the state Department of Labor and Industries. But her mother, Viola Elsner, died in March 1988."She continued to submit to the state annual forms saying, 'Mom's fine, please keep the checks a-rollin,'" Check out this quote:
Bachhuber said "In her mind, her mother was still here."

That is a classic line! Here are some other possible ones we can use:

1. Officer, In my mind I was driving the speed limit.

2. Teacher, I didn't cheat, in my mind I studied all night.

3. I didn't steal that car, In my mind I paid for it!

4. I didn't hit my sister, in my mind I hugged her!

5. In my mind I was baptised by immersion and a proper administrator! :)

$400,000? Why didn't the government discover this sooner? Unbelievable! What are some of the best excueses you have heard for sins?

posted by Kevin Bussey at 5/17/2006 09:18:00 AM

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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Do Americans lie about attending church services?

Would it surprise you to know that people lie about whether or not they attend the regularly scheduled services of their church or synagogue? Of all things to be dishonest about in the whole fabric of life, why would someone not want to tell the truth about going to church? Read the story here.
Evangelists have always taken the brunt of the numbers' jokes. If a man was known to exaggerate his church attendance or offering numbers, it was said that he spoke "evangelistically" of his feats. Some leading pastors were known to count attendance that included groups meeting in schools, union halls and schools along with those meeting in the church buildings.
I believe it! I would dare say there are only 3-5 families that attend church on our street of about 20 homes. I remember when I attended Samford University that students would come to lunch on Sunday dressed as if they went to church when in reality most of them had just gotten up from partying all night. Churches wouldn't lie about their attendance would they? ;)

posted by Kevin Bussey at 5/16/2006 11:03:00 AM

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Da Vinci Code--Why the public outrage?...

Actor Alfred Modina who stars in the new film The Da Vinci Code has expressed his disbelief at church leaders who have publicly denounced the film. Read the story here. Modina said:
"Ultimately, the book is a piece of fiction, as is the movie"
I have to agree! I don't see all of the fuss. I watched "National Treasure" and it didn't make me believe that there are billions of dollars of treasure under the streets of NY. Why is it that Christians are always against things? Think about it everytime you tell someone not to do something--human nature makes us want to do it. I've got better things to talk about then debunk a hollywood movie. What do you think?

posted by Kevin Bussey at 5/16/2006 10:09:00 AM

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Monday, May 15, 2006

Men and Women are different---Scientific Evidence to support!

Yesterday I talked about communication and I found some scientific evidence to prove it. Check out these top secret scans of the male and female brain.

posted by Kevin Bussey at 5/15/2006 09:57:00 AM

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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Scientology missions?

Tom Cruise's religion of choice - the Church of Scientology - has opened its first mission on the Mississippi Gulf Coast amid the ruins of Hurricane Katrina. The church sent 800 volunteer ministers to the Mississippi Gulf Coast and New Orleans area to counsel hurricane victims. Read about it here. The Scientology-trained ministers provided auditing - the core religious practice of Scientology - free of charge. Auditing is a form of spiritual counseling in which an auditor listens to a subject without offering solutions, advice or evaluation. Student-to-student auditing sessions are free, as is an introductory auditing session for anyone interested in the religion. But "donations" or "suggested amounts" of payment ranging from $100 to $200 are standard with introductory auditing sessions at missions for non-students,. A 25-hour professional auditing session at a mission or church would garner a suggested donation of about $2,000. So let me get this straight. In order to be ministered to you have to give a donation? How can such intelligent people fall prey to such a strange religion? People on the Gulf Coast are broke! This sounds like "Religious Gouging!" If this was a Evangelical Mission group, the media would be all over this. How come this cult gets a pass? I'm taking a group from my church to got to New Orleans next week to help Edgewater Baptist (Jason Sampler's and Joe Kennedy's church)minister to the people in their community. We aren't asking for money. My people are paying their own way and taking off work. God help us from cults like Scientology!

posted by Kevin Bussey at 5/14/2006 11:19:00 PM

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Saturday, May 13, 2006

Cars washed in Holy water...........

Members of a Manchester, England church are cleaning cars with Holy water. In an attempt to be environmentally friendly and serve the community, church attendees will use the water from the morning's Baptismal service to wash local vehicles. Read the story here and here. Levenshulme Baptist Church does baptise by immersion. It is not known if a car washed by the water is eligible to serve with IMB.

posted by Kevin Bussey at 5/13/2006 11:39:00 PM

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San Francisco Intollerant?

More than 25,000 evangelical Christian youth landed in San Francisco for a two-day rally at AT&T Park against "the virtue terrorism" of popular culture recently. They were greeted by an official city condemnation and a clutch of protesters who said their event amounted to a "fascist mega-pep rally." Read the story here. "Battle Cry for a Generation" is led by a 44-year-old Concord native, Ron Luce, who wants "God's instruction book" to guide young people away from the corrupting influence of popular culture. Luce wants to unleash a "blitz" of youth pastors into the communities to do everything from work with the homeless to find new ways to bring others to Christ. How could any city be against that? Mark Leno, D-San Francisco, who told counterprotesters at City Hall that while such fundamentalists may be small in number, "they're loud, they're obnoxious, they're disgusting, and they should get out of San Francisco." Disgusting? It sounds like Sodom and Gomara. It is intersting to me how people who aren't followers of Jesus want us to be tollerant, yet they don't want to tollerate us! Kudos to The San Francisco Chronicle for calling the city out on their hypocrisy! Read about it here. Here is what they said:
The young people who came to San Francisco to affirm their faith and enjoy a day of rock music deserved better. They deserved to be welcomed by a city that was as tolerant and progressive as its sanctimonious supervisors like to profess.
I pray we believers will treat groups we disagree with with more Christ-like love. What do you think?

posted by Kevin Bussey at 5/13/2006 12:21:00 PM

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Friday, May 12, 2006

Book Review: Radical Reformission....

I told Adam Feldman (notice the Crimson color) that I would give him my impression of The Radical Reformission by Mark Driscoll. So here it is: Driscoll is a passionate guy. He is the pastor of Mars Hill Church in Seattle, WA. I hate it when books that challenge my set in stone beliefs! Of course, sometimes the old pharisee comes out in me and it hurts to get rid of the huge tree sticking out of my eye. Driscoll challenged me to be more missional in my approach to evangelism. I have been going to coffee shops, weight rooms and elsewhere for years trying to connect with the unchurched. Being a chaplain for Marketplace Ministries has been the best way for me to be around the unchurched. I'll be honest the chapter on "the sin of not drinking lite beer" was a little much for this southern boy. He talked about the sin of abstinence and that is a little over the top for me. The best part for me was how believers have no unchurched friends. That is a shame! Jesus said not to be of the world but He did not want us out of the world. I also like the fact he was hard on liberal theology. Postmodern/emerging churches often get a bad rap. Driscoll points out their are liberal churches in all spectrums. We need to be relevant without selling out! The book was very insightful and I plan to read his newest book. We need more Reformission Christians! [Update] Jamie Wooten mentioned that I forgot to rate the book. New rating system out of a possible 5 hockey sticks. I give Radical Reformission 4.5

posted by Kevin Bussey at 5/12/2006 09:32:00 AM

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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Papa Don't Preach........

I don't know if I should laugh or be offended. A group of improvisational actors from my home town of Kansas City decided to go to the Crossroads district in downtown Kansas City and stand on the street corner in the bar districts and scream and yell at passers-by about why they have lost their salvation. Improv-Abilities is a professional comedy troupe based in Kansas City. Read about their experience here. What is sad to me is this is what non-believers think of Christians. We have to do a better job of sharing who Jesus really is. My prayer is that we can show the world that Jesus is someone who can really make a difference in their life today and in eternity.

posted by Kevin Bussey at 5/11/2006 06:32:00 PM

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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The Prank Police............

A 43-year-old woman is charged with helping her daughter and two other teenage girls bake cookies laced with a laxative that were then given to a teacher. Read the story here. Two students were charged with insult or abuse to a teacher after allegedly putting a laxative in tea that two teachers drank before the prank was uncovered. Read the story here. What happened to good old pranks? Man, if I were a teenager now, I might have gone to jail! My kids have been pulling "cranks" (what Hope used to call them) I mean pranks for sometime. On April 1st, my kids put soap on my toothbrush. I just smiled and told them I don't get mad, I get even. Some of my top pranks were: 1. Penny jamming frat brothers in their frat house rooms. Then blowing baby powder under the door with a hair dryer. 2. Cellophane on the frat house toilet seats! 3. Throwing water balloons on the third floor of the girls dorm where they were sun bathing! :) 4. Throwing bottle rockets at cars and students from top of the frat house! (although they got me back by pulling out a hose and spraying us down!) 5. Kidnapping co-eds and placing them on the conveyor belt in the cafeteria @ Samford. 6. Rolling with TP our Fraternity Letters on the Mountain across from Samford! 7. Woopie cushion underneath my best friends prayer altar in his wedding. 8. Writing "HELP ME!" with liquid paper on the bottom of my best friends shoes for his wedding! 9. Lifting a car up the steps of the fine arts center at Samford. 10. Kidnapping a prospective bride during her rehersal dinner. (it was a friend of Cassandra) What are some of your best pranks?

posted by Kevin Bussey at 5/10/2006 04:20:00 PM

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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

A New Creation?

A teacher in Kentucky is considering what to do about being fired from her job after officials learned she appeared in an adult movie more than 10 years ago. She become a follower of Jesus after she was in the movie. But the school system fired her for something that happened 10 years ago. Read the story here.
II Corinthians 5:17 says, Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come!
I guess that doesn't apply in the school system. Would you be comfortable with this woman as your child's teacher?

posted by Kevin Bussey at 5/09/2006 10:42:00 PM

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New Blogger

My friend and former pastor Greg Pouncey is now a blogger. Check out his site here. Greg is a cool Samford and SWBTS grad like me. But he is also a big BAMA fan!

posted by Kevin Bussey at 5/09/2006 01:02:00 PM

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When we accepted the call to come to Charlotte to help our new church family transition a church, I didn't realize the transitioning included me! One of our Godly deacons told me recently that he was slow to change but he liked what God was doing. You know what, I'm slow to change also! If we are all honest, we are. We like things that we like. I'm pretty adventurous! But, some of the pharisical ways I have are hard to go. I resist because I'm not comfortable. I read a lot of books. Since I became Lead Pastor it takes longer than it did when I was a staff member. But I'm reading The Radical Reformission by Mark Driscoll and it is challenging and convicting. Look at this quote:
Reformission recognizes that Christians will have differing personal convictions in matters of culture and welcomes those differences that are not sinful, because what pleases God is unity, not uniformity.
Ouch! It is easy to offer advice to others. It is hard to transition ourselves. I'm trying. I'm submitting. Uggh!

posted by Kevin Bussey at 5/09/2006 11:25:00 AM

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Monday, May 08, 2006

Gossip banned in some N.C. ?????

Guess who is joining the ranks of banning gossip? Read here. I wonder where they got that idea?

posted by Kevin Bussey at 5/08/2006 10:51:00 PM

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I have done some soul searching and have decided to change the direction of my site. I will no longer write about any specific church, politics or my denomination. I will write about the hypocrisy of my own life and the struggles I have in living in the 21st century as a follower of Jesus. I hope to add some humor too. Obviously, I still have a lot to learn. I believe in God's grace and personal freedom. I am struggling with where I fit in. I am obviously different. I will not judge. I hope we can agree to disagree with respect for one another. I have deleted some posts because in the view of people I greatly respect I needed to. The last 5 years have been tough. I usually get through tough times by laughing and poking fun. I haven't had a lot to laugh about recently. I pray that joy comes back. It will, I'm confident of that.

posted by Kevin Bussey at 5/08/2006 11:44:00 AM

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Sunday, May 07, 2006

Pillsbury Doughboy kidnapped

Pillsbury Doughboy is kidnapped. Read story here.

posted by Kevin Bussey at 5/07/2006 04:36:00 PM

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Friday, May 05, 2006

Blinded by the Grey.............

I hate ambiguity. I have always seen the world in black and white. I am a very creative person and this makes matters worse. There is a war within me. I just don't know where I belong anymore in religious life. Things were much easier when I had a list of what was right and what was wrong. Sure the Bible gives some specific do's and don'ts. But what do I do with the Grey areas? I'm struggling with where I belong in this whole spiritual journey. There are people in my own denomination and others that I agree with theologically but not in methodology. There are others that I appreciate there methods but not their theology. Where do I fit in? Am I alone? I am grateful for God's Grace. I am not the total Pharisee I use to be. I am still struggling though. I am recovering. There are some things that would have never been done by ministers in my denomination in the past. Now some flaunt it! I'm struggling with that. I'll be honest it is disillusioning. Maybe I'm out of touch. Maybe I need to lighten up. I don't want to argue. I don't want to rain on the parade. I would never want to be a stumbling block to others, but these things make me stumble. They puzzle me. I don't want to be this way. I'm really trying but everytime I read about those who do participate I feel like my nose is being rubbed in it because it destroyed several extended family members lives. I'm struggling. I just don't get it. It's probably just me. I have enough junk in my own life I need to get rid of but this doesn't help. I don't feel like I can relate. I searching for the black and white but I guess I won't find it. I guess I will just be blinded by the grey!

posted by Kevin Bussey at 5/05/2006 04:08:00 PM

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What would Jesus Direct?

Hollywood sees a pot of Gold in the pews. For years Hollywood just forced sex, drugs and violence on the Big Screen. Now they see the church as a way to make money. Check out the story here. I know that we need a more spiritual presence in Hollywood. Campus Crusade is sending missionaries to Hollywood. NAMB ought to consider doing the same. Instead of protesting and criticising Hollywood, why don't believers infiltrate and change Hollywood from the inside. Inside the studios but more importantly inside their hearts. Imagine if Steven Spielberg became a follower of Christ. What if Tom Cruise became a Christ-follower? What do you think?

posted by Kevin Bussey at 5/05/2006 10:45:00 AM

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Thursday, May 04, 2006


It is a beautiful day in Charlotte! It is 75 degrees and sunny. I am taking 3 middle school boys to the Wachovia Championship at Quail Hollow! Thanks to Mr. Paul Jackson for providing me tickets. Enjoy your day!

posted by Kevin Bussey at 5/04/2006 02:04:00 PM

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They are not our enemies..........

As I read the Memphis Declaration I was struck by the humility of the document. Wade Burleson was very transparent as he made the Declaration personal. I am concerned that churches have become territorial. I don't care if a church is denominational or non-demination some churches feel they have been given a territory that is theirs only. Some feel it is like the business world. IBM gives it's salespeople protected territories to make sales in. Some churches feel just because they are in a community they have a protected territory for their church. This is a lie from hell! God doesn't give out territories. When we sent out postcards to invite people to our church in Georgia, I had dozens of "CHURCH POLICE" call up to voice their displeasure that we were in their territory. If people aren't going to their church now, then they probably are not ever going to go. Other like minded churches are not our enemies!!!!! In fact, they are our partners to win our communities for Christ. When we get that into our heads, then I think God will bring revival not just in our individual churches but in our nation and the world.

posted by Kevin Bussey at 5/04/2006 10:20:00 AM

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Wednesday, May 03, 2006


I just got back from Pursuing Vital Ministry Exploration Learning Experience. My mind is on overload! I feel like I can't think anymore. It was well worth going. Thanks to Bill, Russ and Neal our leaders for three days well worth going. I have been to great conferences and seminars in the past. Almost everyone of them gave me a pre-packaged system or program to take back to my church. The problem is that each church is unique. The first item we talked about was:
This should be our lifestyle. I want to wake up each day asking God that question. How do we do this? 1. Pray 2. Imagine and plan 3. Present it The foremost question we need to ask God is:
What do you want us to be? & What do you want us to do?
But we must know the answer to the 1st question before we answer the 2nd. I'm excited about taking our church on this journey. I look forward to seeing what God does!

posted by Kevin Bussey at 5/03/2006 07:20:00 PM

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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Could the SBC be next?

The Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) announced that that 75 employees would lose their job at their headquaters in Louisville, KY. Read the story here. I know lots of God fearing people in the PCUSA so I don't want any comments about how they have become liberal. There is a group in the PCUSA that is very conservative called PFR. But, one comment hit me hard. It sounded like a microcosm of what is going on in all churches and especially denominations. Read this:
"Presbyterians today do not want to write a check and send that money off for somebody else to make a decision on where it goes or how the mission is done, Presbyterians more and more want to be involved."
Does this sound similar to what those of us in the SBC have been saying recently? I have read criticism about the amount that some churches--especially mega churches have been giving to the Cooperative Program. Maybe they want to make their mission decisions for themselves! Maybe some churches want to be more involved. I think Steve McCoy has a valid point about picking and choosing where to give CP $. He says if we just live out a "missional" life and church it will transform our convention. He is correct. And I believe we need more networking among like minded churches and ministries. For example, our church is going down to New Orleans in a few weeks to help Edgewater Baptist minister to their community. This happened through networking. I did not get contacted by NAMB or any Association to do this. I think the way we minister as Southern Baptists is changing. The internet has changed us. Some may not like it, but it is reality. But I also think we can't just give up on our denomination either. Wade Burleson makes his plea for this point of view. I think we need a balance somewhere inbetween! I would hate to see all resources of the SBC go down the tubes just because we can't get along. Wade said this:

THE issue within the SBC as I see it ---

Unless we stop shrinking the parameters of what it means to be a Southern Baptist, we will end up being a narrow, isolated sect within Christendom and lose our ability to reach the world for Christ.

I think that sums it up best!

posted by Kevin Bussey at 5/02/2006 01:13:00 PM

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Monday, May 01, 2006

Our walk with Christ is a Journey not a destination....

Today was a great at my Pastors' Awareness Learning Experiences or as Wes calls PALE! :) We talked how our walk with Christ is not a destination it is the journey. I am one who loves to travel. I like seeing new places. Unfortunately, I am the only one in my family that feels the same way. I like seeing new cities. I like the journey to get to my destination. Today I drove up I-77 to come to Hickory eventhough it was a little out of the way. I got to see Lake Norman which is beautiful. Then I stopped in Statesville to eat at one of our church member's cafe called, "It Don't Matter Cafe." I love the journey as much as getting to my destination. Our walk with Jesus should be an adventure. In John 10:10 Jesus says he came to give us an abundant life. Everyday we should cherish the journey. Carpe Diem!

posted by Kevin Bussey at 5/01/2006 10:08:00 PM

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Well spent Cooperative Program $$!

Today I am near Hickory, NC at one of the NC Baptist Conference Centers called Hollifield Leadership Center. It is on beautiful Lake Hickory. I am attending a Pastors' Awareness Learning Experience which is part of the Pursuing Vital Ministry of our state convention. So far this has been a great experience. Pastors' Awareness Learning Experiences are routinely held to build awareness about how the journey can help congregations discover and live into their full kingdom potential. What is awesome about this is it cost my church nothing. Our CP $$ go to help pay for this. For a small to medium sized church this is great! With so many bad stories being exposed about the CP, I wanted to share my appreciation. Thanks to the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina for this wonderful experience!

posted by Kevin Bussey at 5/01/2006 05:51:00 PM

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