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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

The "L" word.....

No, not I'm not talking about the TV show (which I have never seen since we do not get the pay channels). When a person calls themself a leader, people look at them funny. After all, we are not suppose to come across pretentious. Who can forget Al Haig saying he was in charge following the assination attempt on President Regan? Haig was blasted by all of the media types. But I admire people like that! Some will even say Jesus was against seeking leadership. That is not true. He said if you are going to be a leader you must be a servant. I discovered years ago that I had the gift of leadership. It is not something I gained. It is a gift. I do try to develop my gift. I began reading every leadership book I could find from John Maxwell to Jim Collins. I asked several men to mentor me but for whatever reason they dropped the ball. One man said yes and then tried to recruit me for AMWAY. When I said no, I never heard from him again. The most recent person left our church because of all of the dysfunction (not in Charlotte) and I couldn't get him to keep meeting with me. I missed his guidance. I don't say this to complain--it is just reality. So I have made it my mission to keep learning and growing. It is why I read so much. It is why I go to conferences. It is also why I don't go to pastors meetings because they don't help me grow, they just are opportunities for politics and bragging. I learned a lot from my dad throughout my lifetime and still do. But in recent years I have been mentored by John Maxwell, Henry Blackaby, Andy Stanley, Rick Warren, Wayne Cordeiro and Bill Hybels by reading their books, listening to messages and going to conferences. One thing I have learned is that everything rises and falls on the "L" word- Leadership. I am passionate about building and developing leaders around me. Not a "I know best" model but a "Team" model. When I lead, I am working in my sweet spot. When I am doing other good activities that are not in my sweet spot, I don't do so well. I know it and so do those around me. Part of leadership is listening. I haven't always been good at this and I am still learning. But my dad and Cassandra have helped me in this area. By listening I can process what people are saying and use my gift to lead them. Recently, I have made some bold changes at our church. As you can expect, some did not like them. I respect their opinions greatly! I really respect those who came to me personally to share with me their concerns. Two people who are very supportive of my ideas gave me some great advice. I listened to their ideas and realized that it was "Godly" wisdom. I will make changes accordingly. Being a leader is to be a servant. Not everyone will like my ideas but I will listen to other options and move in the appropriate manner. Dr. John R. Bisagno, the former pastor of Houston's First Baptist Church was approached by a gentleman who didn't like his ideas. Bisagno asked the man what were his plans and the man said I don't have any. Bisagno said: "I like my plans better than yours." I love it when people bring me great ideas. That is why I formed a "Dream Team" at our church. This group is filled with men and women from their 20's to .... ( I won't ask their age) who are going to help our church fulfill it's vision. I get excited to be around people who want to be part of a big vision! People are compelled by a vision. I see so much potential in our community. There are 1000's of people who do not know Jesus. They need a BIG VISION to follow. That is my mission in life. I believe people want to be part of something bigger than themselves! I'm not good at everything, but I am a visionary leader. That is where I am in my sweet spot. I am working hard to share this vision with those around me. I invite others to join with me!

posted by Kevin Bussey at 2/28/2006 09:12:00 AM


Blogger Paul said...

Some valuable things I've personally learned about leadership:

1. Leaders work from the front, not from the back. They pull rather than push.

2. If you get too far ahead of your people you will soon be going it alone.

3. As they say, when you're going somewhere by yourself and no one is following that's not leading, that's just taking a walk.

I've been to Maxwell's conferences and read his books. I've also read Hybles, Peter Drucker, Bob Dale, Ken Blanchard, Lyle Schaller, Calvin Miller and others. By far the best book I've read on pastoral leadership is Jesus The Pastor by John Frye. You won't agree with everything, but his perspective is very refreshing.

Thanks for the post!

2/28/2006 11:44:00 AM  
Blogger art rogers said...

Great leadership thoughts. I specifically agree with being turned off by the pastor's confenrences by all the bragging and other foolishness like that. I plant, you water and someone else harvests. God is the one who makes it all work, and claiming the accopmlishments HIS CHURCH makes as our own, is just small minded.

Being on many teams as leader is a great model, too. I like it.

2/28/2006 01:59:00 PM  
Blogger Clint said...

Yeah, I echo the sentiments about the dreaded "L" word too.

Funny, what you said about it echoes my experiences too. I became a leader through the "back door" like you, reading Maxwell and Hybels, going to leadership conferences.

But the funny thing was, when I took back my findings to the other leaders at the church, nobody wanted to hear about what I was learning. Strange thing.

So for me leadership has been a long process, still going on of course.

My opinion is that as a leader, whether in a church or a business, the most important thing to concentrate on is the culture of the organization.

In an unhealthy church culture I believe that however good the preaching, etc., is, the church won't grow. It is the job of leadership to bring about a healthy culture.

Easier said than done though I think.

3/01/2006 04:49:00 PM  

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